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Clean flavors.

Inspired by nature.

What's in store?

From minority-owned farms to the hands of those who toast to life.

Clean flavors.
Inspired by nature.


Phreshly™ is your new go-to full strength healthy cocktail in a can.

From minority-owned farms to the hands of sociable grown-ups who appreciate good food and interesting company, we present our selection of specialty cocktails.

We’ve taken cues from classic cocktails, but shaken them up a little to our taste. Seasoned enthusiasts have refined each cocktail with no tolerance for anything less than exceptional.

Our cocktails are made with a dedication to craft and exacting standards, from honest ingredients blending fruits and plants. All naturally flavorsome with aromatic botanicals, adding complexity and depth.

Each recipe is low in sugar, carbs, and gluten-free to capture the taste of every delicious element in all its glory. All flavors, except ginger and green tea, are vegan friendly.

Cheers to life.

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